welcome to preside.
"The most liberating and magical 5-7 minutes I've ever experienced."
Paul R | Gloucester, UK

"Wanting to learn how to meditate for a long time.
Thank you for making it so easy."
Michelle A | Oakhurst, NJ

"It made me feel relaxed, like time inside me slowed down
and everything else was still moving at regular pace."
Chris W

"I went really deep and didn't want to come out."
Micheala S | Carlisle, UK

"I’ve had insomnia for years and am starting to sleep better."
CJ | New York, NY

"I've been fighting a severe anxiety disorder for the last 5 years,
I've never been able to 'quiet' my mind that quickly."
Kimberly S | Phoenix, AZ

"I'm at a loss for words.
Every facet of my life has improved."
Mike B | San Jose, CA

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